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Gourd Culture of GPHL: Take Gourd as Symbol to Heal People Abstract: “What is a gourd? Some will say that it is a tool to draw water, some regard it as a totem of good luck, and some others may think it is a tea set...” Husen, an African young man, comes to Guangzhou Shennong Caotang Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine with this question. Will he achieve a satisfying answer there? If you are interested, please click the link below: 2019-02-19
Berbagai Radio dan Solusi PoC dari Hytera Perluas Pilihan Pelanggan untuk Komunikasi di Mana Saja SHENZHEN, Tiongkok, 19 Februari 2019 ,Teknologi 0 2PoC 0 2kian berkembang pesat selama bertahun-tahun terakhir. Teknologi ini tidak hanya memenuhi kebutuhan pengguna akhir untuk layanan panggilan telepon yang biasa, namun juga memfasilitasi layanan pengiriman gambar, teks, video dan data multimedia lainnya. Penggunaan jaringan publik membuat radio PoC bisa mencapai komunikasi dengan rentang yang l 2019-02-19
WeDoctor BBlink releases global strategy for 2019-2023 Driven by AI and big data technology, and guided by discipline construction, WeDoctor BBlink focuses on human life and genetic science to build the full industry chain of reproductive medicine. The five-year global strategic, based on the "connect the world, serve the Chinese", is committed to build the world's largest Internet reproductive hospital, getting through online and offline medical serv 2019-02-18
GPHL and its Gourd Culture ​Abstract: “What is a gourd? Some will say that it is a tool to draw water, some regard it as a totem of good luck, and some others may think it is a tea set...” 2019-02-17
《中国消化道疾病检查产业报告》发布 我们日常的行为活动都需要消耗能量,而能量是由食物经过消化系统的加工转化而来。胃是人体消化吸收的第一站,也是获得能量和营养的第一站。如果胃部不能正常工作,那么整个消化系统的功能就会异常,身体的其它脏器也会出现问题。 2019-02-15
Hytera PoC Radios and Solutions Expand Your Options for Go-everywhere Communications (Shenzhen, China – February 19, 2019) The PoC technology has been rapidly developing these years. It not only meets end-users’ demands for traditional voice services, but also facilitates image, text, video and other multimedia data services. The use of the public network enables PoC radio to achieve wide range, long distance communication without additional networks or the use of repeater. Hence, 2019-02-15
How to Solve Variable Text Printing with CYCJET Large Character Printing System? CYCJET is a professional industrial inkjet printer manufacturing company. It often has economical, simple and effective, high-efficiency inkjet coding solutions for carton packs printing content often change. But don't worry, listen to me and give you an analysis, find the reason, and prescribe the right medicine. targeted solution to the problem of perception. 2019-01-31
Laser marking machine have been widely used in the food and beverage industry Abstract With the continuous development of science and technology, people have a very high demand for the food and beverage industry. After some media reports on food safety issues, the society has also put a severe test on food and beverage companies. In order to compete for more market share, they have taken out the brand's weapons and realized that only by taking the brand's road, enterprise 2019-01-31
Economist Lingyun Xiang was hired as a Distinguished Professor by Boya Organization of Peking University ​On January 22, 2019, Dr. Lingyun Xiang, a famous economist, was hired as a distinguished professor in the finance direction of emerging industry by Boya organization of Peking University for a three-year term. This is another important academic position for Dr. Xiang since he has been an invited researcher at the Academic Committee of the China Academy of Management Sciences since 2013. Dr. Xiang 2019-01-29
WFX: FOREIGN EXCHANGE WITH AN ERA OF MASS DATA AS EASY AS SCANING A CODE ​On 22nd, Jan, 2019, Leo, the creator of Bridgewater, who manages more than $160 billion, said in Davos Forum that the Fed has stopped raising interest rates at the end of its cycle which offered every Chinese investor a super year-end bonus. This will stimulate global asset prices to reach further highs in the short term. The market is filled with a strong feeling of emotion at present. Will most 2019-01-27
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