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Online news release

We have cooperated with lots of overseas media organizations to purchase resources and exchange information. And if you have good online news resources , we can establish a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. We have the advantage of Chinese news release, our overseas customers can launch commercials and live broadcast on CCTV directly.

01.brand exposure

Based on New York to spread the world, brand marketing is highly rewarding.

02.Offline brand communication

Multi-channel offline communication, increase brand influence.

03.Improving Brand Activity

Display brand characteristics and enhance brand value.

Some of our direct media organizations

NASDAQ screen

New York Times ads on NASDAQ + Reuters screen [can be launched on a weekly or monthly schedule]


One of the earliest news agencies in the world is the largest one in Britain and one of the four largest in the West. Reuters is the world's top three multimedia news agencies, providing all kinds of news and financial data

Associated Press

The Associated Press (AP) is the largest news agency in the United States and one of the international news agencies.

Agence France-Presse

France's official news agency, founded in 1944, is one of the four largest western news agencies in the world, as well as Reuters + Associated Press and United Press

Jiji News

The current affairs news agency (hereinafter referred to as the current affairs agency) is the second largest news agency in Japan. It is listed as the two largest news agencies in Japan together with Kyodo news agency. The English name used to be JP (Jiji Press), but now it's Jiji instead.

Ansa News Agency

Ansa is the largest news agency in Italy and one of the leaders of international news agencies.

Anadolu Agency

Anadolu Agency Founded on April 6, 1920, it is a semi official news agency that mainly publishes news and information related to the country.

Iberian News Agency

Iberews,The first Iberian news company, a partner of Spanish and Portuguese business wire, is a world news communication leader


China Central Television (hereinafter referred to as CCTV) is the national television station of the people's Republic of China and a public institution at the level of Deputy Ministry of the people's Republic of China. It was founded on May 1, 1958.

Xinhua News Agency

Xinhua news agency, or Xinhua News Agency for short, is the state news agency of China and the world news agency. Cai Mingzhao, current president and He Ping, chief editor.

People's net

On January 1, 1997, the people's network was officially launched. It is a large-scale online information exchange platform built by the people's daily, a media culture listed company controlled by the people's daily, and one of the largest comprehensive online media on the Internet.

Global Times

The global times is an international news newspaper sponsored and published by the people's daily, an organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. It was founded in January 1993

Sina network is a news portal hosted by Sina company. Mainly provide network media and entertainment services. aims to become a full-featured online life community for Chinese people all over the world


Tencent is a large-scale integrated portal integrating news and information, interactive community, entertainment products and basic services launched by Tencent

NetEase network

Netease Corporation (NASDAQ: ntES) is an Internet company in China. It uses Internet technology to strengthen the exchange and sharing of information between people and realize the "power of gathering people through Internet"


Sohu is a new media, communication and mobile value-added service company in China, and an Internet brand. Sohu is a news center, linkage entertainment market, cross-border entertainment center, sports center and fashion culture center.

Value added service

  • Train
    One to one in the whole process
  • Operation guidance
    One to one in the whole process
  • Market activity
    Cooperation and support
  • Big customer proposal
    Site support
  • analysis report
    Website traffic
Haixun Press focuses on institutional / media marketing solutions. We are a professional multilingual news media distribution platform, dedica ted to overseas media delivery and brand marketing layout, including TV me dia promotion, newspaper media publishing, online soft article publishing, overseas media publishing, NASDAQ + Reuters screen delivery, media invitation and interview, etc;
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