Application Analysis for Two-dimensional Code Laser Printer

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As a new type of laser coding equipment that can realize permanent anti-counterfeit marking, laser marking machine has attracted much attention. After rapid development, the market gradually returns to rationality, from the price to the quality, from the price of the manufacturer to the supplier agent. Competition becomes quality competition and brand competition.

Traditional laser printers can only print and mark some basic information, such as production date, expiration date, shelf life, specifications, and other textual information, as well as some pattern, LOGO, etc., which is the common normal laser spray in the past, this is the range of work that the code machine often involves.

With the advancement of laser printer technology and the introduction of some more advanced laser technologies, especially the arrival of new type marking devices led by CYCJETUV laser printers, it has made it impossible to use common CO2 andCYCJET fiber laser markings materials, with UV laser can achieve a clear, exquisite code effect.

Two-dimensional code laser printer can realize a great value for the product anti-counterfeit. The anti-counterfeiting effect is obvious, cannot be altered, tampered , removed, unless the entire material is destroyed, can remove the marking content, so that the anti-counterfeiting function of the laser printer compared to ordinary small character inkjet printer , ink jet printer and other equipments that the advantages are more obvious, and from the perspective of content dissemination, a small QR code marking can replace dozens of characters and text content, making it easier for consumers to obtain information.

It is not only anti-counterfeiting. For manufacturers, from the marketing point of view, it is more convenient get customer code scanning information, and through the promotion activities or prize-winning Q & A form, more real feedback from consumers can be obtained, so that product optimization can be achieved. Make it easier to interact directly with customers, use big data database for analysis, and get more valuable data. The influence of the product brand is very large, especially some high value-added products.


Through the CYCJET laser two-dimensional code marking, such as luxury beverages, mineral water and other products, the use of laser marking appear luxury , for the manufacturer, the laser machine purchase cost is higher, for the entire production process, the factory environment has more Requirements, especially for the level of operating users also have certain requirements, must standardize operations in order to give full play to equipment capabilities. But laser marking machine not only have lower cost, but also have lower failure rate, lower maintenance and maintenance rate, and have increased stability. With the parameter setting, the adhesion of product identification can be controlled. It is the depth of marking that prevents excessive burning of the product.

It is also more environmentally friendly, less polluting to the environment, less influential on product quality, non-toxic and harmless, allowing the product to gain more advantages in competition, and the laser marking is more conspicuous as the consumer purchases goods. For the promotion of some brand awareness, especially whether it has passed the expiration date, whether it is fresh, whether it is genuine, whether there is sensitive information about promotional marketing activities, to get the product, the first time will look for more identification information. As a manufacturer, in the laser marking of two-dimensional code, it pays more attention to the realization of technology. Especially from the point of view of the machine, manufacturers will pay more attention to the structure, hardware configuration, software function enhancement, user feedback, user needs and other information. Continuously improve the quality of products in order to meet more and more users' growing logo needs.


In addition to excellent hardware quality, it may be necessary to further optimize the software. Only software functions are more humanized, and the user experience is simpler and faster, and better word-of-mouth communication can be achieved.

CYCJET brand, whether optical fiber series or CO2 series or UV series, have communication capabilities, can communicate with intelligent production line equipment or computer through RS232 interface, support a variety of databases, such as TXT, EXCEL, electronic Supervision code database and other types.


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