RAC Racing Pigeon Chain creates an international stage jointly with Chinese Racing Pigeon Association

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RAC Racing Pigeon Chain creates an international stage jointly with Chinese Racing Pigeon Association

They Create new guidelines for sports competition data togther.

Taipei, Taiwan, The first RAC Block Chain Joint Conference will be held in Macao on September 16, 2018, by Allis Matches Management Company Limited, with the related industries of Chethinese Racing Pigeon, sports competitions, International Carrier Pigeon Association and Clubs, International Racing Horse Association, competition game industry, Feng Shui health industry and Block Chain investment organizations.

The Racing Association Block Chain certificate (RAC) plan is launched to link up sports events in the competition industry through Block Chain technology. Through the tokenized certificate generated by the Block Chain, member rights, competition activities and related industries among various competition activities can be integrated in a cross-domain, fast, high-information and fair and transparent and reasonable structure to promote the popularization of competition and the development of culture and industry. At the same time, it is also hoped that, in addition to solving the current problems through the block chain, the Chinese Pigeon Association, local partners and members will extend the whole competition-related activities to innovative mechanisms, bringing about more new competition modes, creating industrial transformation and upgrading, also making it easier for more people to participate in related activities.


In addition to properly solving the bottleneck of the current racing pigeon competition, RAC plan will also take on the mission of promoting racing pigeon competition to the general public. RAC members who wish to make racing pigeon competition in the vast Asia-Pacific region and even Europe and America, can communicate with each other and simplify their identification through this platform. Through RAC platform, members can obtain open and transparent recognition of the Block Chain in relevant qualification and competition results, such as participating in competitions, hosting competitions, exercising voting options with changes in competition rules and so on. In addition, through RAC platform, all event records can be based on Block Chain distributed electronic ledger technology, adhering to the principles of transparency, fairness and openness, and achieving the following objectives:

Internationalization of membership system

Racing Pigeon Block Chain growth history

Competition initiation and rule contract system

Participation system and fees open and transparent

Auction certification mechanism with preventing fraud

Through dApp, the active market makes it easier for the public to participate in the event prediction activities.


RAC connects with China Pigeon Association to create a new pattern and extends to global competition culture through Block Chain

RAC is the world's first industrial science and technology development plan jointly sponsored by competition activities (racing pigeons, horse racing, racing cars, etc.) and related industry associations in Asia Pacific. Its association Block Chain structure is initially a Block Chain digital asset based on Ethernet technology, which conforms to ERC 20 / ERC 223 intelligent contract structure, and combines with the encrypted identity technology ERC 721 to build pigeon electronic identity certificate, referee electronic authentication, association member identification, etc. And at the same time, the China Racing Pigeon Association has jointly organized more than 1,700 associations and sub-associations, initiated and promoted innovation and import technologies in China. Relying on the characteristics of Block Chain technology, it has linked all China regions and even international leagues in competitions. The ultimate goal is to issue independent public chains, and to provide a Block Chain consensus system that other competition associations, technology developers and service providers in the world can jointly participate in and create. It also focuses on the implementation of the following applications:

Membership and record

Intelligent contract competition

Right to participate in auction activities

Carrier pigeon breeding qualifications

Bonus for industry and competition activities

Competition activities, guess and share out bonus


Break through and make innovations to create a Block Chain resume of carrier pigeon racing all their life

First electronic identity certificate for racing pigeons

RAC members can use RAC wallet addresses as identification information for raising pigeons. In the future, they will receive official electronic ankle rings after assisting pigeons to register online. at the same time, RAC wallets will also receive ERC 721 independent identity token for each registered pigeon to be used as identification of the pigeon. They will also register the biological information (including iris identification, wing appearance, DNA, etc.) of the pigeon on the association's official website or dApp, and the identity token will be able to provide compatibility requirements of 0xcert protocol together with electronic ankle ring information and biological information through Internet technology from the independent website (URI) of metadata. On the other hand, it has also introduced a Block Chain-specific systematic identification data structure for the industry.


At the 2018 / 09 / 16 conference in Macao, not only can we see the common belief of RAC Racing Pigeon Chain plan in the development of competition industry, but also can we have a deeper understanding of the new standards for transnational competition of racing pigeon industry. Meanwhile, Allis Matches management company will do its utmost to implement the related development and operation of RAC platform and create new milestones together with the growth of the industry. It is firmly believed that what is linked up through information technology is not only the connection between competitions, but also the profound experience between countries, organizations and organizations, and between people, thus jointly opening up a new stage in the field of competitions.


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