DRC will open a new wave of wealth for investors

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Blockchain technology is one of the hottest keywords from 2017 to 2018. With the skyrocketing bitcoin, digital currency has entered a period of rapid growth. This is the best era and the worst. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly a thousand digital currency projects on the trading platforms, and it is said that nearly 5,000 products are waiting for the exchange. In so many projects, there will definitely be a leader who will finally stand out, become a technology leader and industry benchmark, and open another wave of miracles. As a recently emerging digital currency project, DRC's huge value prospects and rising trend are highly sought after by many people of insight.

It is reported that DRC (Durian Chain) is a comprehensive entertainment public chain that integrates short video production and release, online live broadcast and creative shopping display. It is committed to building a world-leading entertainment public chain project and is the world's first decentralized real-time content sharing platform. . As a new generation of digital currency, the development of DRC naturally requires the blessing of blockchain technology. It is mentioned that blockchain technology is often high and unclear, and when it comes to blockchain application scenarios, most of the landing products are too far away from ordinary people. Due to various industrial pain points, such as the traditional industry, DRC has launched the first application platform based on the real economy, Durian Microvision, before it went online.

As the first application of DRC, Durian Microvision is a new generation of “coin vibrato”, which is produced by Malaysia Gold Media Network Media Co., Ltd. It is a short video production release, online live broadcast, creative display and shopping. A new video shopping and entertainment social platform. Users only need to become the owner of the Durian micro-view micro store, and make money by displaying products, selling goods and completing the platform release tasks through small videos.

Since the DRC application ecological durian micro-vision has been on the line for half a year, the number of ecological users on the platform has exceeded 2 million. Such a huge flow pool will bring great convenience to the follow-up development of DRC.

Since the DRC launched three major exchanges (VVBTC, coin, F8coin) on May 12th, DRC has gathered various time (market recovery), location (blockchain technical support), people and (2 million ecological users). Favorable factors, the price of coins continued to rise, the highest increase was as high as 240%, and the transaction volume exceeded 60 million. The DRC will become a new generation of digital currency projects with the most reserve value based on the application industry ecology of the real industry, multi-directional enabling traditional industries, and stable price increases. DRC will become the leader, technology leader and industry benchmark in the industry's rising stars, and will open a new wave of wealth for investors.

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